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In the middle of 2011 JSC “Arkhbum” began implementation of the large-scale project in construction a new plant (producing board packaging) in Istrinsky district of the Moscow region. The plant is under construction in two lines.

Total capacity of plant will form about 400 million sq.m of corrugating cardboard production line per year.

Production: an enterprise plans an output and sale of different corrugated box types with possibility of the multicolored print, multipoint gluing, and also production of toilet paper ("MyLova", «Soffione»).

On the basis of warehouse possibilities of Istrinsky plant it is planned to organize a buffer store with APPM production (board, fluting, paper and copy-books) to improve production logistics for consumers of the Central region.

First stage
Installation of a corrugator BHS (Germany) with capacity of 200 mln sq.m of corrugating cardboard production line per year; 7 processing lines, transport and packing production system in Switzerland, France and the USA.
The total area of new construction makes about 22 thousand sq.m. Clearance value of the first stage of Istrinsky branch "Arkhbum" formed 40 million euros.
At the moment an existing engineering building is under reconstruction, a raw material store and finished products store are under construction.
Start of the first line of a JSC "Arkhbum branch in Istrinsk is planned at the end of 2012.

Second stage
At the second stage it is planned to purchase the second corrugator and in addition 6-7 units of the processing equipment by European and American manufacturer.
The additional capacity of the equipment will make 200 mln sq.m of corrugating cardboard production line per year.
The area of new construction will make about 18,5 thousand sq.m. The second stage is planned to be realized in 2014.

The chief executive of a JSC "Arkhbum branch in Istrinsk is – Irina Galakhova
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